Coexisting with Wildlife

Learn more about coexisting with wildlife, and sign the petition in support of a no-kill policy for Vargas Island wolves.

Photo: Paul Nicklen

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Tofino Lantern Festival

Thanks to everyone who made this fundraiser such a magical time, including event coordinator Cindi Hutchison, volunteers, staff, and generous sponsors! And thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the festival - funds raised go towards Raincoast Field School.

Weekend Field Course

Mushrooms of the West Coast
with instructors Andy MacKinnon
and Erin Feldman
October 7-9, 2016

This local-favorite field course introduces participants to the wonderful world of West Coast mushrooms!

Tofino Ambassador Program

Join the final sessions of this year's Tofino Ambassador Program

Tues Oct 4, 5pm-8pm

Wed Oct 5, 5pm-8pm

Connecting Students with Wildlife Project

The Connecting Students with Wildlife Project (CSWP) is a wildlife monitoring project that teaches students about coexisting with wildlife on the west coast.