Coexisting with Wildlife

Learn more about coexisting with wildlife, and sign the petition in support of a no-kill policy for Vargas Island wolves.

Photo: Paul Nicklen

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Tofino Lantern Festival

Thanks to everyone who made this fundraiser such a magical time, including event coordinator Cindi Hutchison, volunteers, staff, and generous sponsors! And thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the festival - funds raised go towards Raincoast Field School.

Raincoast Field School - Fall 2016

We believe that adventure and discovery are at the heart of a well-rounded education.

The Raincoast Field School is back in session for the school year! Follow our Facebook page to keep up with the adventures of our local students.

Capturing the Coast 2017

The Capturing the Coast photo contest celebrates the natural world, the people, and the unknowns of Vancouver Island’s wild west coast.

The event will be held on Feb. 25th, 2017 at Shelter Restaurant.

We are looking forward to seeing what photos come in this year!

Connecting Students with Wildlife Project

The Connecting Students with Wildlife Project (CSWP) is a wildlife monitoring project that teaches students about coexisting with wildlife on the west coast.