Coexisting with Wildlife

Learn more about coexisting with wildlife, and sign the petition in support of a no-kill policy for Vargas Island wolves.

Photo: Paul Nicklen

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Tofino Lantern Festival

Thanks to everyone who made this fundraiser such a magical time, including event coordinator Cindi Hutchison, volunteers, staff, and generous sponsors! And thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the festival - funds raised go towards Raincoast Field School.

Weekend Field Course

Mushrooms of the West Coast
with instructor Andy MacKinnon
October 7-9, 2016
(Thanksgiving Weekend)

This local-favorite field course introduces participants to the wonderful world of West Coast mushrooms!

Summer Walks & Beach Seines

Join our interpretive guides for free walks and beach seines this summer and explore the rich intertidal tide pools and old growth rainforests of our region.

Connecting Students with Wildlife Project

The Connecting Students with Wildlife Project (CSWP) is a wildlife monitoring project that teaches students about coexisting with wildlife on the west coast.